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Author: Soleil Compeau
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Title: Life After Loss
Pairing: Jack/Other
Spoilers: set after AWE
Rating: NC17 overall, for sexual content
Disclaimer: These stunt doubles have just reenacted what takes place after the final cut. No profit or wages are being made. I do this out of deep love for the characters.

Summary: Jack impulsively rescues a woman from Barbossa, and she inches her way into his bed and his heart. Can she be his equal on land, and can they conquer the sea, land, and time itself?


Chapter Eleven - Revelations

Jack and Sarah stayed together on their little hideaway two days in total. Jack rowed out to the ship once, to give instructions and fetch some blankets, food, rum and his tinder kit to tend a fire. The rest of the time, they cavorted naked or nearly naked in their tide pool, and at night snuggled close together in front of the fire. It was a sweet time of opening and trusting, learning more about each other.

"Get on top, yeah that's it." Jack's face was taut as Sarah took him into her body and arched decadently. "Move up and down, just the way you like. Ah yesss! That's it love, please yourself." He moved his head back and forth, grunting quietly. She braced her hands on his shoulders and bounced quick and hard.

" deep....oh god yeah." Jack began to lose control, moved with her, watched from slitted eyes as she found her release and cried his name almost prayerfully. Giving in to his mounting need, he slammed into her until he reached that perfect moment. "Ohhh god, love you, you!" he cried helplessly.

Instantly he realized what he'd said, done. Never, ever tell a woman you love her first, and certainly not in the throes of passion! What was he, a boy again? Rolling them over, he swiftly disengaged with her and got up. He felt like a boy with her. Giddy and free and discovering the world's joys as if they'd never existed before. Clearing his throat, not bothering with any clothes, he fetched the first thing that met his hand.

Sarah heard those sweet words from him and rejoiced. But then he pulled away so quickly. She sat up slowly, pulling a blanket around her and watching him. Did he think, perhaps, that she didn't return his feelings? Padding over to stand next to him, she noticed him rolling and unrolling a large piece of bamboo, with a map on it. He was staring at it as if it was the most important thing in the world.

Jack laid the piece of chart and showed it to her. In quiet tones he said, "Need to show you this Sarah. It's very important."

She laid her hand over his. Hoping he would understand, she said, "This chart is very important to you. And...I feel the same way! If I could....I would look at these charts, with you, as long as you wanted to." She squeezed his fingers. Jack peered at her with a sidewise glance. She was smiling softly. He sighed, feeling a euphoric relief and pleasure.

Then went on and explained how Barbossa, Elizabeth, and Will had used this chart to save him from the Land of the Dead. Circling it, he showed her how it changed to show other lands, other treasures. He told her about the Fountain of Youth. Sarah wandered away from him to walk and think. She loved Jack very much, and didn't want to be parted from him again. She respected his mind and intelligence. She trusted him to be loving and honest with her. But she believed that he had either run a bit mad or was chasing after fantasies. The question was, which was it, and how far should she humor him before redirecting him back to more "normal" pirating. Maybe Gibbs would help her with that.

When he called her, she returned to him, not any closer to a decision about what to do. He was dressed, and wanted to return to the ship to make sail for the island he believed hid the Fountain. Jack was so bouncy and eager and happy, she easily hid her doubts from him.

Mr. Gibbs put out a welcoming hand and pulled her onto the deck of the Pearl. Momentarily ignoring Jack climbing right behind her, he swept the young woman into a warm bear hug. "Sarah lass, welcome back!" He swung her into a little circle and jubilantly put out a hand for his Captain.

Jack came aboard just in time to hear his crew cheering and in particular, Pintel hollering out, "Hello again, Mrs. Captain!"

He jerked his head over in the direction of the inseperable pair of pirates. Pintel caught his look and looked shamefaced and immediately sputtered, "Sorry!"

Jack looked thoughtful. He looked at Sarah who merely smiled and shrugged. He strolled in a little circle which took him from Sarah to Pintel and back to Sarah again. "Mrs. Captain, eh? Is that what they call you? Hmmm," he continued to look thoughtful and not exactly displeased.

Then, in true Sparrow flittiness, he strode suddenly to the helm, giving brisk orders to hoist anchor and head for the next heading. They rounded the island and came quite suddenly and unexpectedly upon a shipwreck. It seemed there were some hidden and treacherous shoals on the far side of the little getaway where Jack and Sarah had played. The ship was mostly submerged by now.

"Jack, we need to help them!" Sarah hurried over to him. Jack's keen eyes were assessing the damage.

"There's no help we can give most of them anymore," he murmured. "And what help is already on it's way, is better than anything I can do."

Before she could ask him what he meant, the answer came. A ship came suddenly bursting out of the water to rest right beside the submerged one. She gasped in shock. The Pearl's crew looked respectful and wary but certainly not terrified. Jack seemed totally calm and even happy. He hummed a little tune as he steered closer.

Sarah positioned herself behind and next to Jack so she could peer around him at the fascinating and amazing sight. Now they were close enough for the two crews to converse if they wished. The men on the other ship were busy attaching grappling hooks and boarding planks to the sinking one, and several crossed over. Sarah assumed it was to give aid.

One dark haired man who clearly wore a mantle of command, swung to the rail and waved a greeting to Jack, which he eagery returned. "William! It's been too long! Can you spare a few minutes to come aboard?"

The combination of sternness and boyishness of the other captain's face was very interesting. He cast a quick, critical eye over the work of his crew. Sarah followed his eye and watched them. They were lifting something from the bodies...she squinted. It appeared that they were taking the bodies themselves! No, she saw that they were still lying there. But ghostly forms accompanied the men away. She shivered with dread. What kind of pirates were these, that Jack was eager to greet?

"Always a minute for you, Jack." And suddenly the man called William was standing on the Pearl, face to face with her Captain. Sarah uttered a little cry and stumbled backwards.

Jack took her hand to steady her. "Sarah darling, this is my other dearest friend, Captain Will Turner, Master of the Sea. Will, this is me Sarah!"

"Miss," Will gave her a little bow and respectful salute. "It's an honor to meet one who has, actually, captured Captain Jack Sparrow!" A mischievous smile turned his lips up and lit his handsome face.

She clung to Jack as she gazed at him. Her eyes were drawn to the livid red scar on his chest. "Will?" she said weakly. Then realization dawned and she looked at Jack. "THAT Will?"

"Ah. You must have met my wife Elizabeth," Will strained eagerly towards Jack. "How is she? I miss her so much..."

"When I've finished me current business, I must see about convincing your fairly distressing wife, err, fair and distressed wife to sail with me for a brief and no doubt satisfying rendezvous with the Flying Dutchman."

"The Flying Dutchman?" Sarah interrupted. "That's a ghost ship!"

Will smiled. "Indeed it is, and I am it's fairly substantial ghost of a Captain." A crewmember called to him and he listened alertly as the man reported, "Five survivors, Captain Turner. And two who wish to serve the hundred years."

"Have you any need for more crew, Jack?"

"Aye son, I can use a few more men. Let them aboard."

Will's eyes suddenly lost all focus and he turned his head to gaze out across the sea. "Forgive me Jack. Sarah. My crew have finished their work here and I find I am needed elsewhere. Good day to you both." He gave a little bow and vanished. Sarah blinked rapidly when she saw him reappear on the deck of the Dutchman.

He reappeared a moment later. "Almost forgot." He handed Jack a small gong and hammer. "If you have need of me, ring it. I'll do my level best to come, Jack."

Jack took them gravely. "Thank you lad. Good sailing." The men's eyes met in a warm glance, and they clasped hands briefly before Will went once more to his own ship. This time he stayed there, and they submerged with barely a splash few minutes later.

"That's it! This is too much! I need some rum!" Sarah announced dizzily. Jack grinned to himself as he watched her walk off. She slowed down and her hand brushed against her stomach. Jack's eyes narrowed. Later, he saw her sitting next to Gibbs mending nets while he sipped from his flask and occasionally gave her a sip. Knowing that Mr. Gibbs's flair for storytelling equaled his own, Jack gave up the helm to Mr. Cotton and crept closer to overhear.

"He loves her very much, that's clear." Jack glanced at Sarah, suddenly wary. She was referring to Elizabeth Turner. But Elizabeth was no threat to Sarah's place with him, now was she? Oh no.

"Aye, he do care for her. Wanted her in his bed quite badly, once. But she killed him, and that put a damper on it. Funny how that works."

She gave Gibbs an odd look. Gibbs went on. "She was right though. It WAS the only way. She saved the rest of the crew that hadn't already been killed by the beastie. And we all went after him later, to rescue him, so they're square." He smiled almost nostalgically. "But romance never worked out between them. Wasn't meant to be. She was absolutely devoted to young Will."

Sarah's eyebrows drew down in a puzzled frown. "Is that supposed to be a metaphor or something? What beastie?"

"The kraken what took him to Davy Jones's locker." Gibbs paused in reminiscent contemplation. "The Captain told me little about it. He said, 'Damned odd place. Rocks.' Anyway, in the final battle Davy Jones was deposed. Jack was going to take his place and sail the seas forever but he stabbed Will before Jack could stab his heart. So Elizabeth and Will and Jack all plunged the knife in together, which saved Will, in a manner of speaking, except that he isn't here to be a proper husband, if you see what I mean."

Sarah was getting used to the sometimes rather garbled accounts of Jack's adventures but this was a bit much. She grasped onto something she recognized. "Will?"

"Aye. The whelp." Jack interrupted. "He and I are best o' mates, darling. Never a thing he wouldn't do for me, nor me for him." Jack smiled contentedly. Sarah went to him, and took up her usual place cuddled into his chest listening to his heartbeat.

They stood watching the horizon beckon them for while. Sarah tilted her head up and kissed the underside of his chin, loving the way his beard rasped her lips. She wound her fingers through his hair and tugged his face down to hers.

He expected her to kiss him but instead she spoke. "I won't doubt you anymore Jack. The most outlandish tales I hear about you or from you seem to be true. And I do trust you." Now she did kiss him, aggressively, and spoke again a hairsbreadth from his lips. ""Never give me a reason to doubt you!"

Chapter 12 - More Piracy

Sarah sat on the edge of the bed in her nightgown, brushing her hair and watching Jack studying charts intently. Finally she called his name. "Hmm?" he grunted without turning.

"You've already figured out where the Fountain is."

Jack sighed, pushed himself back in his chair, and stretched. "Aye. Leastaways, I think I have. Now I want to buy off the crew. Or should I say, send them on shore leave."

She tilted her head quizzically. "They have what was taken from my erstwhile fiance."

"They need to have more." Jack answered shortly and rubbed his eyes.

She couldn't help chuckling at that. "The insatiable greed of a pirate?"

He stood at the foot of the bed and just stared at her without saying anything. Sarah stared right back at him, not judging him, just accepting him for who he was. "Well, these waters are rich pickings for pirates after all." And she smiled in imitation of Jack's most roguish piraty grin.

"Oh yes," he said in that velvety voice. He began taking off his clothes. Once his shirt and boots were off he crawled up the bed towards her, eyes melting with desire. "Plenty of...prizes..for captains to plunder."

After that he became very urgent, telling her in gasps what he wanted next. And Sarah obeyed his every command, until both of them were completely beyond the ability to speak at all.

Still, he was able to shake her awake before dawn, pushing her boy clothes at her in silent command. Mr. Cotton was at the helm, Marty waited with loaded gun, Pintel and Ragetti with drawn cutlasses. A merchant ship peacefully at anchor was the chosen target. "Hoist the colors," Captain Sparrow ordered. The cannons were fired, once, in warning.

Jack had them wait until just after the the moment the crew began to wake. "A minimal guard. Idiots," he muttered in disgust. He led the charge across the boarding plank that was laid between the two ships.

"Morning, gents," he greeted the groggy crew of the merchant ship. "You're riding low in the water. That's good news for us, very bad news for you. Savvy?"

He grinned brashly in the faces of the guard, who were facing the pistols of Ragetti and Marty. The others moved to pilfer through the cargo hold while he cast a quick eye out for Sarah. He couldn't see her right away, and a ghost of a frown creased his brow.

He assumed there would be no resistance. Jack stood on the rail to better survey the pillaging that was taking place, relaxed and supremely confident. What he did not see was the captain with six of his men coming from the captain's quarters  to attack him, keeping themselves hidden under the steps until the last possible moment. He was taken completely by surprise when they charged him, and even more surprised when Sarah suddenly appeared next to them, crying, "Wait!" even as they raised their cutlasses against Jack.

All the sailors, pirate and merchant alike, were distracted. She had her eyes wide, and tears were coursing down her cheeks. With all eyes on her, she lowered her sword and her breath hitched in her chest.

"These pirates have been abusing me for weeks! You've got to help me!" she addressed the merchant captain in a desperate tone. As she edged past Jack, she gave him a terrified glance. "The Captain had made me his prize. And forced me to engage in piracy, and other abominable acts, with his men!"

The merchants growled angrily and pressed their swords closer to Jack's belly. He swatted a couple aside but otherwise made no move. She sheathed her blade and reached her arms desperately to the captain. He took her and held her against his body. "There lass, it's all right now. We'll look after you."

She buried her face in his neck but she could still be heard to say, "I have no virtue left, but my freedom is most important."

The captain had something to fight for now. He tucked Sarah safely behind him. Ah, the positioning was almost perfect now. Jack grinned in delight and swung his sword, blade flat to slap across the faces of one, two, three out of the six attackers right in a row. He kicked out savagely, managing to disarm two of them. Then leaped down and with a twist of his blade managed to knock a sword out of the hand of the third man he'd just smacked.

Sarah kicked a fourth into her Captain's range, drew her pistol and pointed it at the merchant captain's head. She raised her sword and held it threateningly at the remaining men. The officers looked stunned. Sarah smiled evilly at the man who would have rescued her. "Don't trust anyone who comes from a pirate ship," she informed him.

Jack went on in perfect continuation of her sentence. "If she'd truly been my prize she'd have been trussed up in me cabin. Now, everyone remain calm, no one will be harmed and we'll soon be on our way!" And indeed they were, there were no more heroics from the merchants, and the pirates left the crew tied to the mast, weapons tossed overboard.

The Pearl sailed quickly away. Jack sought out Sarah and pulled her to the center of the crowd of cheering men. "My dear," he began. "That was a magnificent performance. You even had me fooled for just a moment. But, err, it has come to my attention that some of me crew have taken to calling you, 'Mrs. Captain.'"

That same crew began to quiet and listen. Sarah lifted her chin defiantly. Would he take her to task for that NOW, in front of all the men, after such a successful raid? "And it seems to me to be a damn fine idea," she heard him say, and her eyes nearly bugged out.

Jack shuffled his feet as if nervous. "So Sarah darling," he looked at the sky, at the ship's wheel, and finally at her. "What say you? Will you sail with me always?" And then Captain Jack Sparrow stunned not only his woman but his crew by speaking these words. "Will you marry me?"

There was a collective gasp from the crew. Sarah felt as if all the air in her chest had been sucked away from her by that gasp. She stared up at Jack with her eyes huge and her jaw hanging down nearly to her collarbone. He was so beautiful; his face so serious, his eyes so open and loving. Sarah looked up at the dawning sky. A few stars were still visible. She looked around at the ship that had become her home, and saw some of the faces of the crew, looking happy and expectant.

Joshamee Gibbs stared with particular intensity at her. He smiled, but did not look as pleased as the rest of them. She smiled reassuringly back at him, her fingers trailing once more over her stomach. She looked again at Jack, who by now was beginning to look upset. He turned on his heel partway as if he would stalk away.

Quickly she put a hand on his shoulder. "Aye Captain. Wherever the rudder points, I'll sail with you."

His face lit up with great happiness, grabbing her in his arms and swirling her around in a huge circle. Though she'd seen his face in many expressions so far, never had she seen a wider grin. She could nearly count his gold teeth. Everyone on board let out a joyful yell. The musicians ran and got their instruments.

Before long, a rousing song was being played on violin, drum, and flute. In the warm Carribean morning, with adventure waiting for them in the nearby islands, they gave themselves up to celebration.

Chapters 13 and 14
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