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Author: Soleil Compeau
Title: A Torn Man
Summary: Jack Sparrow wakes from a nightmare and finds comfort.
Prompt used: torn notes
Type: Fanfiction - Pirates of the Carribean
Notes: This is based on a fanfiction I wrote about Jack Sparrow from POTC, set a few months after the third movie. I created a feale match for him and had them fall in love. This vignette is set many years after they married, two of their children are grown and one is a teen. Rating is R for some sexuality and violence.
Critique Request: Yes please, gentle and constructive!



Dim, dark room and cold shackles holding him tight. Too tight, his arms hurt, so did his legs. He was stretched on a rack and pain was a dull red throb throughout. It went on for what felt like hours. He was tired and afraid and wanted it all to stop. The man bent over him, whose face he could not quite see, reached for him again. Terror bloomed, razor sharp pain stabbed purple on his sides and inside his arm. Beyond screaming by now, he was capable only of an animal sound of despair...

...which woke him. He gasped sharply. Struggled to reconcile the comfort of his room with the acrid fear chaining his limbs and coating him in clammy sweat. Sarah's familiar weight pressed to his side helped him to acclimate. Sliding an arm around her waist, he spooned closely and took breaths of her flower scented hair. She woke to his trembling, and murmured a sleepy, "Mm?"

"Dream, s'all it was. Just a dream," Jack spoke against her neck, trying to convince himself as much as her. Burrowed into her softness. Gods, but she was such a comfort to him! He pressed his lips to her skin, just there, where it was most tender. "A horrible dream about me dreadful, painful past." Caressed her reverently, "All over now."

She melted against him with a soft "ooh" of satisfaction. Willingly accepted him deeper into her embrace, her warm giving body. They moved together; Jack sharp and desperate, while Sarah was yielding and giving. Everywhere she ran her hands over him, the pain of the terrible dream faded. She'd truly healed him and given him a new life, softer and much more wonderful that the lonely struggle for survival of his previous existence. Yet he'd given up nothing; still he had adventure, the glory of sunset and sunrise on the water, freedom, sea spray and the ocean's rocking, the moon and stars so clear and large he could touch them.

Jack brought her to release - oh how he loved to do that, over and over again, making her sob and shake, then found his own heights. Cried out, "Love you...need you!" and then low cries mixed with her name. Collapsed to sleep again, with her arms cradling him close.

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