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Author: Soleil Compeau
Title: The Way to Matelotage
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Jack/Will, Jack/Will/Elizabeth, Jack/Elizabeth
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Everything here is mine! Mine! *maniacal laughter trailing off into confused expression* Um, could you remove these restraints please?
Summary: What does betrayal and death do to a love affair?

Author's Notes: Sequel to Heal the Hurt. Basically, I was left wanting more by the Locker scenes. Not by Johnny's performance, but by the emptiness of the Locker itself. When Elizabeth said "I don't see Jack. I don't see anyone!" the plot bunny hit me hard. I just didn't know where to put it. This fic starts out very angsty, then degenerates into smut.
Warning: Lots of slash, threesome, then het. Just so you know what to expect. 

Chapter Six - Between Jack and Elizabeth

Jack's legs gave out, and Will supported his weight. Groaning with pleasant aftereffects, he stumbled to the bed. Immediately upon releasing his lover to collapse on the bed, Will climbed on top of his other lover and began kissing her. His body was still in need. Jack rolled onto his side and watched the lewd dance of their bodies. The blacksmith was moving slowly, taking his time, savouring the lovemaking.

Elizabeth framed his face with her hands, kissing the salty sweat from his cheeks and lips. A sudden groan and new tension in his body caused her to look up. Jack was kneeling behind him, and smiled at her. The sweetness of that flash of his lips and teeth took her breath away. Bittersweet tears filled her eyes, and she hoped fervently that the smile indicated that Jack had truly forgiven her.

"Mmm! Jack..." Will babbled helplessly. The pirate grinned again, quite sinfully this time, and occupied himself with his task behind William.

He carefully coated his puckered hole with oil, liberally dosing himself with it as well. He then eased a finger within Will, careful to keep time with his thrusts into Elizabeth. The lad's reaction pleased him immensely. Soft eager groans and spreading his legs more in acceptance. Jack found that sweet bump in his ass, and rubbed slowly against it. The wild guttural cries went straight to his cock, and apparently Elizabeth's pussy, for she added her sweet noise to the pleasant choir.

Jack was ready more quickly than he normally was. Kneeling between Lizzie's thighs, he carefully entered William, thankful that he'd been given explosive pleasure already so he could go nice and easy on the virgin ass. Will made strangled cries and held still until Jack was sheathed completely. "You all right, Will love?"

"Yes. Yes." He gritted. "I see what you mean about not slamming home quickly, though." He took deep breaths and began gliding slowly back and forth. Jack followed his pace, moving only when Will did. Together, they gently rocked to completion; Elizabeth tightening around Will's body, Will flying uncontrollably off the edge, and Jack finishing last, nearly squashing them both when he toppled onto them.


The next day, they sailed in circles until the barely there wind died and they were stuck in the doldrums. Jack was struck by a brillian idea, and they successfully tipped the Pearl and rose up into the Seas of the Living once again. Then all hell broke loose.

His rage at Will's betrayal filled him. It colored his negotiations with Beckett, and continued to eat at him after he threw the perfidious rotter in the brig. He thought about it as he sat, waiting for the whelp to escape the brig. 'Captain Turner.' Will's words played over and over in his head. 'I need to Pearl to free my father. That's the only reason I came on this voyage.'

'The only reason. The only reason.' Would he NEVER stop being betrayed by those he loved?

Never trust a pirate. And Will had proven to be an able pirate, had he not? Jack smiled fondly, he admitted to himself that he was proud of Will for that trick. He sighed. The whelp wanted to save his father, wanted a family. Well, Jack could not entirely blame him for that. It was what he himself was after. A family, comprised of himsef and Will, and Elizabeth.

If he achieved those aims, he could be content to throw in a an extra and free Will's father as well. The man was an old friend of his after all, and one of the very few men who'd not betrayed him. Jack heard a faint noise down on the deck. Ah, he was there already!

"You escaped the brig even quicker than I expected!" He let the admiration show in his voice. "William, do you notice anything? Rather, do you notice something that is not there to be noticed?"

"You haven't raised the alarm," Will said warily.

"Odd isn't it? Not as odd as this," Jack indicated the dead body being strapped onto a barrel. "Come up with this all by your lonesome did you?"

"I said to myself, 'Think like Jack.'" Was there returning admiration in Will's eyes? Perhaps this cause was not as lost as jack feared.

"This is what you arrived at? Lead Beckett to Shipwreck Cove so as to gain his trust, accomplish your own ends? It’s like you don’t know me at all, mate." He grinned cheekily. "You know me better than that. I trick everyone, in order to bring about the ends beneficial FOR everyone."

He moved closer to Will, savoring the stunned look of realization on his face. "And how does your dearly beloved feel about this plan? Ah! You've not seen fit to trust her with it. Amazing how we keep mistrusting even though we share something intense in the captain's quarters, eh?"

Will looked ashamed of his actions and lowered his head. He knew Jack was right, they had to start trusting each other and giving to each other. He confessed his fears to Jack, hoping the pirate could help him with his confusion. "Every step I make for my father is a step away from what we share."

"There's a word for what we share, William. Matelotage." The French word rolled easily off his tongue. "Partnership..between two pirates, an agreement to share everything they have. Including their bodies. And now that you've shown yourself to be a true pirate," he grinned wolfishly into Will's face, "I don't have to hide my intentions from anyone anymore. But if you choose to lock your heart away, you’ll lose us for certain."

Will looked utterly surprised, but a foolishly happy grin was breaking out over his face. "What about my father? I MUST free him, Jack. How does that fit in with...matelotage?"

Oh, it was goiong more perfectly than Jack had hoped. He felt wild joy leaping in his heart. "If I might lend a machete to your intellectual thicket, avoid the choice altogether. Change the facts. Let someone else dispose Jones."

"Who?" Understanding dawned. "You?"

"Death has a curious way of re-shuffling one’s priorities. I slip aboard the Dutchman, find the heart, stab the beating thing. Your father goes free from his debt. You’re free to live a life with Elizabeth."

"And you’re willing to cut out your heart and bind yourself to the Dutchman...forever. We'll lose you! No!"

"No mate. I’m free forever, free from Death itself. Free to come home to you and Lizzie once every ten years. More, if you come sail out to see me. Let me show you something." Jack pulled a piece of paper out of his vest. "Not everyone does it so formally as this. The lad with the wooden eye and his loud mouthed mate don't, neither can read. But it's generally understood that they have this same agreement."

Will looked at the paper, which bore Jack's elegant signature at the bottom. Common property with a man who planned on taking immoratility? It would certainly benefit Jack, once he and Elizabeth both died of old age! Though he was uncertain how Jack could take advantage of it, being bound as he would be to the Dutchman. He was about to point this out to him, when he noticed the clause Jack had put in. Turner property would remain in his and Lizzie's lineage, being passed down to his children and grandchildren and beyond. And Jack would share his property with them. A wave of love for the pirate swept over him.

He looked up to see Jack smiling softly at him, holding out his compass. "What's this for?"

The pirate moved closer, tucking the compass into Will's hand. He kissed him, slow and sweet. "Think like me love, it'll come to you." He abruptly shoved Will off the side, and heaved the barrel after him.

Will came up, sputtering with shock. They were not in the Caribbean and the water was cold, especially compared with the warmth of Jack's mouth. The man leaned over the rail, looking far too cheerful. "My regards to Davy Jones!" he called.

"I hate him!" Will exclaimed as he grabbed the barel and suffered the hungry birds flapping around him.

Chapter Seven - Captain Turner

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

Jack looked in horror at the look of pain on Will's face. The boy was trying to hold in his screams of pain. He was slowly running out of air, his eyes fading fast. Jack clutched at his broken sword and stared at the grotesque beating thing in his hand. What was he going to do? His mate was dying, right in front of his eyes, and the woman they both loved was desperately calling his name.

He moved quickly closer to Will. Only one thing could save him. He placed his broken blade in the nearly lifeless hand, having only seconds to act. His sword was lifted, the edge cut deeply into the monstrous heart, the deed was done. Will was saved, but was he now beyond his and Elizabeth's reach?


William slowly opened his eyes. There was no pain. Thank God. He sat up slowly, shoadowy figures were bending over him. The crew of the Dutchman. He caught his breath in fear and look about wildly. Where was Elizabeth? Where was Jack? All was silent and dark around him, and it slowly dawned on him that the ship was underwater.

He choked, half expecting water to smother him, but as he gasped he felt foolish. He'd been breathing all the time, of course. He tried to move, to stand up, and was struck by a bizarre feeliing in his body. Something had changed in him, something tremendously important. He blinked past the fish figures who were strangely unmoving.

Calypso was visible off the port side. Her back was partially turned to him,a dn she was cradling a body across her lap. Will craned his neck as he continued to stand up. The body was Davy Jones, and Calypso was tenderly stroking aside the tencales to see his face. The tentacles were fading, shriking, and the hideous face was slowly reverting back to it's true appearance. Tears fell from the goddess's eyes. She turned and looked piercingly at William.

"You have stabbed the heart, William Turner. Your destiny is upon you. Will you bind yourself to the Dutchman? Will you ferry the souls of the dead to the world beyond?"

Now he understood the difference in his body. His heartbeat, so long heard that it had been taken for granted his entire life, was silent. His heart was now in a box. There was no real choice. His duty was clear. His destiny, as Calypso had said. "I will be your Ferryman."


They floated above the maelstrom on warm currents of air. The Dutchman was crushed beneath them, sucked down into the whirlpool. "Trust me Lizzie," he whispered to her.

"He's gone! Will's gone!" she sobbed. The now calm water approached rapidly. Jack made note of the various ships' positions.

"He's not gone, he's changing. I promise you Lizzie, you'll see William again. We will survive this."


After the battle, after the pirates had celebrated and the armada was a smudge on the horizon, Jack and Elizabeth spoke. "Come with me darlin. We must have words."

They went into his cabin. Jack sgtruggled to find the words he needed. Everything he'd planned had been turned upside down, but for one thing. All three still loved each other. "Elizabeth," he began, with no clear idea of what he would say next.

"You and Will came up with that plan while I was on Sao Feng's ship. Yes?" She beat him to the punch this time. "For you to stab the heart, and he and I to live on land?"

"Yes," he admitted. "He and I are mates. In the truest sense of the word. With shared property between us. Everything I have is his, and the reverse as well. I can, if I have need, call upon the power of the Dutchman. And Will has every right to demand the guns of the Pearl."

He peeked at her. She was dealing well with the events so far, it seemed. At least, her face appeared serene. "Matelots share wives as well."

Her eyes flew to his. Her chin rose. "It is Will that I married, Jack. Only Will."

"And yet you share him with me, and he shares you, in the bedroom. Odd isn't it, to ignore that in favor of the more formal relationship?" He kept his voice soft. Coaxing. He needed her to come to terms, they would be comforting each other in Will's absences.

She bit her lip and looked down at her boots. "Jack....I've loved Will nearly my whole life and no other. But for longer than that, I've daydreamed about pirates. And I used to sneak into my father's study after I was supposed to be in bed, to find records of known and wanted pirates. The stories about you were the most exciting things I'd ever read."

He felt warmth and desire rush through him, arousal at the admissions she was making. She'd wanted him before she'd even met him. Elizabeth continued. "I suppose, in a way, you stole my heart when you saved me from drowning in the Port Royal harbor. Except my heart already belonged to Will." She smiled fondly at the memory.

"No one could take my love from him, not even you, my exciting pirate." She moved up to him and her words ended with her lips hovering an inch from his.

Jack pulled back just slightly, maintaining that distance, the same distance that was there when she'd informed him she was not sorry for killing him. "You're my wife just as truly as you are Will's wife," he spoke softly.

"If that it so, then it could only happen with all of us. With Will I would have been happy but always daydreaming of pirates. With you, I would long for a settled life on land. It takes you both to keep me happy, and I can be all things to both of you," Elizabeth closed her eyes, catching her breath as Jack's hands came up to stroke her breasts.

Finally he closed the distance between their mouths and claimed her in a searing kiss. It was forgiveness for the last one, and an invitation for a new beginning. His hands went to work on her clothing, and she tore at his shirt and vest. Quickly, they were breathless, breaking the kiss to moan and pull more feverishly at each other's clothing. More kisses were exchanged as they tugged the items off, then went naked to the captain's bed.

The feeling of his body gliding over hers made her feel like she was on fire. Yet cold at the same time, shivers raced over her body. It was an unbelievably good feeling, and she ran her hands over his body and rubbed against him just to feel it, over and over. He nestled between her legs, raised up on his hands to look down at her. His hair toppled to her shoulders.

His face almost seemed expressionless, but his manhood expressed intense desire. It pressed hot and heavy against her slippery folds, pulsing insistently. "Jack," she whispered. Her hands slid up to his shoulders and rubbed lightly on the sides of his neck. He quivered. She let go with one hand and reched down between them, taking hold of him and guiding him inside.

He stayed up on his hands while he thrust and rocked over her, staring into her eyes, letting her see deeper into him than many could. She watched as his face changed and contorted with bliss. Lizzie sank her teeth into his shoulder, releasing his control so that he pounded her hard and fast. Her fingers touched his lips as he began to cry out. And she bit his shoulder again, hard, as she flew off the edge only an instant behind him, falling with him, crashing in to bliss as he shook above her.

"Going to kill me Lizzie," he mumbled after a timeless interval. "Need time to recover from that one."

She traced her name, then his, then Will's on his back. "I need to go to him Jack. Need to say goodbye."

"Goodbye is a terrible thing to say. I never say goodbye, Lizzie love," he claimed. Nonetheless, he rose and began to dress. "I'll arrange it." He touched the red teethmarks on his neck and gave her a heated glance before opening the door. "Once is quite enough, love."

The Flying Dutchamn was at anchor cozily close by. Jack stepped across a boarding plank and looked round. The men looked purposeful, the ship seemed to glisten now that all the scaly horror had been shed from her planks. As if he'd heard him, Will opened the door of his quarters and glanced out. Seeing Jack, he came towards him. "I have a gift for you, Jack."

He led the pirate below, where the effects of those fallen in the battle lay. Will indicated the one on top, from Lord Cutler Beckett himself. Will lifted the man's cane and held it out to Jack. "I thought you might like it, as a token to remember him by."

Jack took it and looked at it contemplatively. After a moment, he turned it upside down and broke off the end if it, the shape of the letter "P." Then he tossed the rest of the cane back, and hefted the metal in his hands. "Thank you."

"I have much work to do, Jack. The results of this day's carnage, as well as gathering up all the souls Davy Jones has been neglecting. I expect to be gone altogether for at least two years, before I can surface for a visit."

So it was to be goodbye, then. Jack hated goodbyes. Will went on. "Look after Elizabeth for me, Jack." He glanced at his mate in some amusement. "Though I expect I don't have to tell you that."

He slid his hands along Jack's face, cradling it, and kissed him gently. Jack could not meet his eyes, so much emotion existed in him he was afraid to look at Will. "Matelot," Will said simply, resting his forehead on Jack's.

"Matelot," Jack answered in a rough voice. That seemed to cover it all, so the men stood apart. Jack walked slowly across the plank to his own ship, and ordered Gibbs to prepare a jollyboat for Elizaeth. All that was left was her goodbye to him.

He acted as if he did not care, lounging nonchalantly on the rail. She got cute with him, reminding him subtly of their conversation in the cabin, wringing a smile from his lips. They would always play 'I dare you' with each other.

"When will I see you again?" she asked, sincerely, not with any of the usual imperiousness. Jack shrugged. He himself did not know.

"I'll be around for you, when you least expect it, I imagine. Now shoo. Off with you, go have your One Day with William. He's chafing for you, no doubt." He waved her off before the lump in his throat could unman him.

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