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Title: Immortal Beloved: Consequences
Author: Soleil Compeau
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Jack/OFC
Rating: NC17 for sex, violence, and death
Disclaimer: Jack Sparrow and other POTC characters are not mine to use for profit in any way whatsoever. I do this out of love, and for entertainment purposes only. Sarah Margita is my exclusive creation, and no one but I have rights to her.
Summary: Jack lived a life of adventure and peril, until his death. Then he was resurrected, and had a chance at a different sort of life, one no less exciting.

Author's Notes: Please remember that in this time period, the average life span was something like fifty years. You were considered quite long lived in your sixties. Also, disease was rampant, with common illnesses being cancer, severe influenza, consumption, malaria, smallpox, and syphillis. A lot of women also died in childbirth. Jack and Sarah are remarkably healthy people, particularly for pirates.


Chapter Four - Little glimpses

After they went home, it was only Willy who actually talked to Jackson directly about what had happened with Joie. Though the ribbing was at times merciless, the direct approach was far easier to bear than the awkward fumblings of the rest of the family. Jackson as a result spent a lot of time in the forge with his eldest brother.

He was moody and restless. He didn't know what he should do next. The sheer physical tasks of smithing were a comfort to his wandering spirit. Just now the entire shop was hot and steamy. Willy had his shirt off and his muscled chest was gleaming as he pounded metal for several horseshoes.

"Honestly, I know she's not as close and Mary and Jackie," he spoke between hammer strokes. "But blood related, that's definite." Raised his arm heavily and brought it down. "What were you thinking?"

"Clearly, I wasn't thinking!" Jackson snapped. "Joie used a Siren song, enchanted me. Magical being, remember?" He rubbed his forehead tiredly.

The sound of metal striking metal paused. Jackson looked up to see Willy studying him thoughtfully. "You're really quite a bit like Mother, you know?"

"Am I? Never really thought about it."

"You are. You've got her delicate features. Almost as pretty as she is."

Jackson snorted, affronted. "Wonderful. Now I'm pretty!"

Willy chuckled. "Don't worry about it. Uncle Jack is pretty too, ain't he? No one messes with him. Besides, you're only just thirteen. Your face will fill out more as you grow, you know." He rubbed his chin. "Got her quicksilver temper too. Everything fine, going along nicely, then there's stormclouds and lightning and if you don't keep a weather eye, a hurricane!"

Skeptical, "Come on! Mother's even tempered. Strong yes...." he looked thoughtful.

"See? In her way, Mother's more pirate than either Dad or Grandad, no matter her fine breeding. Didn't Jack tell her once that they were peas in a pod?" Willy resumed his work. "Think I'll make you a sword. About time you had your own. Will impress the ladies."

Jackson looked ill. "Who says I want to attract stupid girls?"

"You did. By taking up with Joie. Besides, are you seriously not interested at all? Didn't she age you? You ought to be more mature than other boys your age, no?" Willy smiled.

"Maybe," his younger brother grudgingly admitted. "What about you? You're much more of an age to be wanting to impress girls. They swarm to you, aren't you interested in any of them, to settle down I mean?"

Willy smiled the easy grin of their father and grandfather. "That they do, but if they're swarming, what's the sense in picking one? Only alienates the others!"

With a flick of his wrist, he flipped a finished horseshoe into the water tank, creating a hiss. An easy wink accompanied the smile and brought amused laughter bubbling up from Jackson.


Barbossa lay stretched out on the sand, hands pillowed behind his head. Indolence, thy name is Hector. He was warm and relaxed and happy, and if he turned his head the slightest bit, he could see his protege lazing in a similar fashion. Not that he needed to, he knew exactly what she looked like and how she was turning out. Blond hair over time had darkened, but that face and those bones would forever and always proclaim her heritage.

Associating with goddesses certainly had it's perks. First and most obvious example was the fact that their island base was behind and a fair distance above him. They lay underwater, close enough to the surface that sunlight warmed them and the feel of the waves pulling together to fling onto the beach was a gentle tug. Joie had made Barbossa impervious to water. He could stay dry, ignore the weight that refused to crush him, and breathe comfortably. But if he concentrated, he could banish it, and often did on  land so he could wash and enjoy the sensation of swimming.

No matter what though, he was unable to drown. His charge had informed him the same was true of her sire, though the whelp surely was unaware of that charming fact. The second benefit was the way he felt. Opening his eyes a crack, Barbossa glanced down at his body that, to him, glowed with vitality. It was not precisely rejunvenation Joie had done for him, but revitalizing. Not since long before he marooned a pirate and left him to die had he felt so healthy and so capable of anything. His hair was even it's former dark golden shade!

Now he did move, rolling his head until Joie was fully in his line of sight. That immunity to drowning, he'd occasionaly feared she would revoke it unexpectedly, after she lost her initial fear of him her rage at his attempts to rule her flared hotly. Several times he'd needed to turn her over his knee and spank her bare backside. Then he thanked Calypso that he was able to weather the storms that she caused in her temper tantrums.

Calypso, now there was the awkward aspect of the arrangement. Barbossa both feared and desired the return of her affections for him, but it was not forthcoming. The sea queen took her perfect and lovely companion, and there was no denying that Joie was winsome, and enjoyed that company. Barbossa was merely a teacher, and by all accounts to Calypso's mind, one who would teach by example how wrong it was to give one's heart to a mortal man.

Heartbreak and centuries long binding made her attitude understandable. And it was a relief in a sense, Barbossa had no intention of being the father in a happy little family, but that was not the dynamic he went into. Learning that was a pleasant experience, the first time Joie reanimated a corpse in front of him and he forced her to explain it. That was the first time he found how ambitious she was. The girl craved power and recognition and above all love. She wanted to be rewarded and petted for her accomplishments, and she detested her weaknesses, hid them and apologized for them until she could hedge them with strength.

That was the day they had a breakthrough in acceptance. Joie and Barbossa were two of a kind, in a way, and Hector saw that he had immense power in being the one to influence a powerful sea goddess's daughter. But more and more often he simply took pleasure in shaping her, in guiding her in the ways of the world, gained satisfaction in her following in his footsteps.


Jack found his wife in the garden, basking in the sunshine and tying back her raspberry bushes with twine. She pruned them ruthlessly, and they grew wildly as a result. The thorny bushes would take over the whole garden if she did not cage them. The sweet berries were Jack's favorite fruit, he stood shading her from the sun and picked handfuls as she worked, popping them greedily into his mouth.

On the stone bench nearby he noticed a book laying butterflied face down. Craning his neck, he read the title. Plato's Republic, an English translation. "Where did you get that?"

Sarah glanced where he pointed with his chin. "Your father gave it to me."

"Funny, he took quite a shine to you, didn't he?"

Jack was a dark figure outlined in bright gold, the way he was standing with the sun behind him. "Oh? Didn't he like any of your other women?"

Jack's eyes widened. "Never introduced a woman to him, afore you." He considered his words. "It's possible he knew some of them though."

She snickered at that. "Ah, so I was Teague's first, then? Probably why he took to me so. Wanted to know if I safe for you."

An eyebrow arched. "Explains a lot. Teague never did seem to care much for 'Lizabeth. Never threatened her any harm, but didn't 'xactly act welcoming either. And seeing as how she'd killed me, would make sense."

She finished with the raspberries and brushed her hands off, gave him a kiss. Waving at the book, "It's very interesting."

With a broad grin, Jack sat cross legged on the ground and relaxed. He loved these conversations, loved how willing she was to embrace new thoughts and ideas, to never stop learning. That was, to him, a sign of true intelligence. "Oh?" he said invitingly.

" a discussion with Meno about virtues, Socrates declares that no one wants what is not good, and seems to imply that only ignorant folk do bad things and lack virtue."

"Aye?" Jack drew the word out into a long questioning syllable.

"Well, but you're a pirate. Or were. And may become so again. You're also a good man, honorable, and certainly you are intelligent and educated! So can it be argued that one like you knows better, or not?"

"True, my love. But you must remember my education was twofold. Born to a pirate, on a pirate ship, and brought up to understand the looser morals of that world." He grinned wickedly. "Aristotle later disagreed with that notion of "knowing good, doing good" by pointing out those of weak will, and strong passions, who choose not to be couragous, wise, or use moderation."

"Pleasure before moral choices, is that it? Weak willed?" Sarah smirked, knowing Jack to be an extremely strong willed man. "The question remains then, whether you are merely incontinent, knowing virtue but overwhelmed by," she leaned close to breathe seductively in his ear, "pleasure. Or whether you are intemperate and seek excess beyond your share."

He closed his eyes in sensual enjoyment. Continuing to quote the philosopher he'd just referenced, he murmured huskily, "Pleasure is by it's nature incomplete. But we are guided in life by a natural preference to engage in pleasurable activities." And his mouth closed over hers.

Chapter Five - Journeys and Discoveries

Early one morning Sarah stirred in Jack's arms, while he still slept. She contemplated him a moment, his mouth open slightly, as she tried to figure out what had woken her. The house was silent, even Tobias, who had blessedly begun sleeping through the night. Sarah traced a finger down the proud line of Jack's nose, grinning as his face twitched in response. Ahh, there it was again. A noise, coming from one of the bedrooms.

It was coming from Joshua's room, in fact. By the shade of the light just turning her bedroom curtains rosy, she ascertained it was not quite dawn, the time that Jane usually came. Jack woke suddenly and without any noise, a skill he'd never fully lost from the mutiny though it was decades past. Sarah murmured in his ear, "Listen. Do you recognize that sound?"

He cocked his head and listened, then nodded with a smirk. "Sounds like Jane is giving the poor widower the best kind of comfort!"

"Wonder what her husband will think of that."

Jack settled more fully into bed, molding her body against his. "Doubt it'll be a problem. I suspect Jane and her man have an arrangement. Mr. Wyatt wears his horns gracefully, no doubt."

The sounds of two aroused people enjoying each other, for whatever reason, inspired them to do a little moaning of their own, though Jack did have the consideration not to interrupt what was going on. He put his hand over Sarah's mouth, keeping her quiet, and bit her shoulder when it was his own turn to shout.

Over breakfast that day, Becky gave off chucking her baby brother under his chubby chin and looked at her father. "Papa, I want to see my friends in France. It would be so lovely to see Willy and Jackson Turner again." Her eyes became beseeching, in the manner of daughters the world over when persuading their fathers. "And wouldn't you enjoy showing Toby off to Will and Elizabeth?"

Joshua and Sarah exchanged a look, extended it to include Jack. "Might be nice at that," Jack mused, taking another bite of his magdalenas. "Were you planning on turning those baby blues on me next, to persuade me to bring you and your charming family in my ship?"

The roguish chuckle he issued was cut off as Becky got up and came round to him, put her arms around his neck. "Please Uncle Jack? I want to see Jackson, not just write to him. Want to SEE him."

She moved next to her father. Jane's face was carefully composed as she fed spoonfuls of marmalade to Toby. "Papa, it'll do you good. Sea spray and wind on your face, blue skies and water all around." Becky turned to Jane and smiled, laid a friendly hand on her arm. "Toby's a year now, a bit young to be weaned I know, but it could be done, couldn't it?"

Toby squealed at the faces Jackie was making at him and banged his spoon. Jane smiled at him fondly. "I've become so attached to all of you, particularly this little sweetie, but I knew my position was temporary." She cast a loving glance at Joshua, who smiled in response. He looked less drawn and frail these days, color had returned to his cheeks. "Certainly he can be weaned. But you must promise to let me visit sometimes!"

The agreement was heartily given and plans were made. Young Teague loved the idea, jumped at the chance to visit his childhood friend Willy again. The Black Pearl and the Poseidon's Damnation would journey side by side one more time, before Captain Teague sailed solo. Maria was relieved, she was growing more and more restless by the day. Her frustration would soon explode if she did not have an outlet.

Captain Sparrow prowled the deck of his ship. He and Sarah were about to play a new game; merchant captain escorting rich employer's wife to her husband. Slipping into the role, he walked softly towards the feminine figure leaning on the rail. Ahh, the wicked things he would do to her! On the pretext of dinner, he would bring her to his cabin and make demands of her, to bend over his desk and raise her skirts. She would be horrified of course, but a thrill of lust would show in her eyes. Would she beg him not to despoil her? Would tears form in her eyes as she proclaimed love for her husband? Jack would ignore it all, and take her as he liked, showing the despicable pirate beneath his respectable appearance.

Mind filled with delightful scenarios of licking places the prim yet passionate Mrs. Deverleigh had never dreamed of, scenarios of demanding reciprocation from her and watching wanton desire bloom on her face, Jack prowled closer. He was reaching for her arm when a flicker of movement caught his eye. Automatically he glanced over, to assess any changes on his ship. What he saw maddened him to incoherent rage.

Sarah heard his footsteps behind her and suppressed a quiver. She was already hot with anticipation and knew she would find it difficult to protest Captain Sparrow's wicked advances properly. The footsteps paused. She had only the ring of his sword to warn her, and whirled to see Jack advancing on two sailors near a cannon, in a passionate embrace. Not just two sailors. One was their daughter Maria.

Jack roughly pulled the young man off Maria. They had been kissing intently. The lad was not a regular crewmate of the Pearl, but from Teague's ship. Frequently the two captains traded sailors, to give a wider range of experience to the men. The sailor in question found himself facing an angry pirate, with a blade perilously close to his neck.

"Can you say 'keelhaul?'" Jack asked in a dangerous growl. "Probably not, with your tongue down her throat like that." His evil smile widened. "Let's try something more your speed. 'Eunich.' Can you say that?"

Maria opened her mouth, shouted "Father!" in a furious voice, but her mother reached her then and clamped a strong hand on her arm. Sarah cast one withering, disapproving glance at Maria and the girl shut her mouth promptly. Nearby, the Damnation was swinging her prow closer. Captain Teague had seen the developing situation, maybe even had foreseen it, and was acting quickly.

"Captain Sparrow!" he shouted urgently from the rail. "A word, if you please!"

Jack glanced briefly at his son. The hapless man he held at swordpoint did not doubt for a moment that the Captain's full attention had NOT left him. Pondering a moment, Jack then yelled for his First Mate. "Mr. Jake! Put this insolent whelp in the brig!"

Swinging towards the cannon, he cast one murderous look at his princess and snarled, "Ought to place you there as well, but it'll be more satisfying to blister your backside!"

Maria drew herself up, eyes flashing with rage. "You'll do no such thing!" she screamed.

Total silence fell. No one, for many years, had dared speak so defiantly to the Captain. After a moment there was a swish and a thud as Teague secured a rope and swung himself neatly between ships to land right next to Sparrow. "A word, Captain," he began calmly, though his heart was thudding dangerously at the quiet and coiled way the man was holding himself. A cobra ready to strike, that's how he looked.

"Have your word," Jack uttered quietly, not taking his eyes from Maria. For her part, she was glaring right back. If fire could have shot from her eyes, her father would be cinders. Identical outthrust jaws, as neither was prepared to back down. Sarah had wisely released her child, knowing the tempest that was bound to rip off her arm else.

"Allow me to take my crewmate back, and return Mr. Marty." Teague indicated the short pirate behind him, bouncing up and down waving frantically, to take Jack's attention from his errant daughter. "Since it seems clear Mr. Michaels is unsuited to crew the Black Pearl."

At last Captain Sparrow turned and regarded his son. At the silent question in his slightly raised brow, Captain Teague hastily added, "I assure you, he will be adequately disciplined for his actions."

"Will he now? I should expect so!" Jack swayed closer and in quieter tones remarked, "Protecting your sister, are you? The git may be your crewmate to deal with, but Mary is still my daughter, still mine to protect, teach, and otherwise manage. Savvy?"

Jack paced in his cabin, frowning and muttering to himself. He was completely alone. Sarah was off somewhere dealing with Maria, since she refused to speak to him and merely stormed at him about what an unfair pompous ass he was being.

The door opened, signaling his wife's return, and Jack stormed up to her. "Well!" he barked tensely.

She paused, gently shoved against his chest to move him out of her way so she could pass, and moved to the dresser and washbasin. Jack hovered anxiously behind her as she unbraided her hair from the bun she'd taken to wearing lately. She was kind enough not to keep him waiting. "I've settled Maria. She's forward, with Marty's hammock slung just beneath hers, well protected. Marty assured me, in her hearing, that he would guard her carefully and with his very life if need be."

She swung round to face him, noting that his hands kept clenching and unclenching at his sides. "Now tell what bothers you more, that it was your daughter in such a compromising position, or that a crewmate allowed himself to be so distracted while on duty?"

"It's both!" he answered instantly. A frown deepened as his hands conjured up memories in the space between their faces. "Whenever I had Elizabeth on board my ship, she was under my protection. Every man knew she wasn't to be touched. Tis different when one sailor lets another know such advances are more than welcome, man or woman. And there are lady pirates, more'n you'd think! Or when a wench or a catamite comes aboard for the sole purpose of entertaining the crew." Jack ran a hand distractedly through his hair. "But neither is the case here!" A hand slashing through air made his displeasure clear.

"I asked her why she felt a need for such attentions." Sarah spoke slowly, this part was going to be difficult to tell. "She answered a bit flippantly, I'm afraid. Said she was bored."

"Bored! She tempted a man from caring for the Pearl out of boredom!" Jack barked incredulously. "Ought not be teasing and temptin' a man so."

Sarah's eyebrow raised. "Now you're defending Christopher Michaels," she murmured. "Interesting."

Arms waved violently as he resumed pacing. "Not defending him! Couldn't help himself, no man could resist my daugher, she's absolutely gorgeous." He eyed his wife suspiciously. "You've taught her, I suppose, about...about.." Jack gestured vaguely towards his crotch, let his hands drift up to chest level and cupped an imaginary pair of breasts.

Sarah bit back laughter. "About keeping herself quite undefiled, by thinking of Jesus, contagious diseases, and the dangers of having a child?" she limericked. "Indeed I have Jack. Though I suspect her reasons were more...along the lines of distracting herself from hurt she suffered...over a girl...while at the Cove."

He caught it, she knew he would. "A girl," he said slowly.

"I caught her in the bathhouse with a lovely little redhead. Very compromising position. You'll notice she's been snappish ever since we left there, I suppose? Even adorable little Toby hasn't kept her mind completely off of it."

"No harm in it, truly," he said slowly, brow furrowed.

"Darling," she murmured, moving close to kiss and cuddle him. "I've never judged you for it, why would I judge her? Still, she must be careful. It isn't something our quiet little village will tolerate well, not many except the pirating world does, you know that very well."

Jack rubbed his forehead. "I'll be a peaceful man once she's settled properly. I just want her to be happy."

She stroked his brow, he leaned into her touch. "A fruitless wish darling. Maria is so much like you. She'll find her joy in the chasing. Trying to catch a mermaid by the tail, that one." Taking a firm hold of Jack's clothes, Sarah led him to bed.

Chapter Six - Pleasure and Danger

It took merely one night apart for father and daughter to forgive each other. Jack puttered about in the hold, double checking cargo that was already secure and staring morosely into space, and heard hesitant footsteps behind him. Swinging about, he beheld Maria with a contrite expression, biting her lip.

"Da?" she called softly. Jack melted and opened his arms to her. She came against him, resting her head on his chest, and he stroked her hair. "I'm sorry, Da."

"My darling," he whispered back, feeling fierce protective love. "Me wee princess. Don't care how angry ye get at me. I'll not stop trying to protect you, till me last breath leaves me. You savvy that?" he held her at arms length to eye her sternly. Maria nodded, sniffled a little, then smiled.

Jack grinned and rubbed his whiskers against her smooth cheek, a thing he'd not done in years. Maria shrieked with laughter, as she always had before. With his arm round her shoulder, they strolled to the deck.


As soon as she laid eyes on Jackson Turner, Rebecca Whiting gathered up her skirts and rushed towards him, falling onto his neck. "Jackson! You left me all alone when you took up with that Joie de Mer!" She snuggled more fully against him, and the slightly perplexed young man could only place his hands around her waist.

Jack tossed a smirk in his own wife's direction. "Sank her hooks in him quickly, didn't she? Ow," in response to her pinching his side.

Elizabeth and Will exchanged a meaningful look, and stepped a bit closer to each other. None of them quite heard Becky whisper to Jackson, "Don't take up with any more girls all right my love? It only hurts my feelings."

It was a pleasant visit, as it always was between Sparrows and Turners. What was most interesting was the connection between Elizabeth and Maria. The young wild girl seemed to bring out the pirate in Elizabeth, long buried, and in turn the proper lady was able to coax more genteel behavior from Maria. In the mornings, Maria would allow Mrs. Turner to curl her mop of short hair and pick out laces and necklaces to complement her gowns.

Sarah was torn between pleased pride and disgruntled jealousy at this. But those feelings resolved when Maria whispered to her mother over breakfast one day, that it was her steady and charming influence over her growing years that melted her and made her see what being a proper lady was really about. The two of them also began taking the small schooner Elizabeth owned around the harbor. The other youngsters often joined them in day long jaunts filled with laughter and small adventures.

So it was that when the elder and younger captains were ready to depart, Maria and Elizabeth asked to be allowed to stay together awhile longer. Maria needed polishing, and Elizabeth delighted in having a female teenager to connect with, though she adored her sons a girl connected with her in a special way. It was agreed to, and there were joyful and celebratory farewells.

As they left the harbor, the two ships were side by side for a bit. But then the helmsman for the Poseidon's Damnation swung her to starboard, and the Pearl remained plunging ahead straight and true. They began to veer apart. Sarah and Jacqueline remained on the rails, waving white hankerchiefs at the other ship's captain. Teague posed proudly from the helm, trying to look manly and courageous and just the slightest bit disdainful of the feminine attention he was getting, and succeeding rather admirably. On the docks, the figures of Elizabeth and Maria could still be made out, upraised arms a slight blur as they too waved the ships away.

Jack swept his hat off in salute and gave a deep bow just before Teague would be unable to see him clearly anymore. The last sight of him was of his huge beaming grin. Free of the harbor, the Pearl plunged ahead like an eager girl skipping to her groom. The winds were fair and her sails billowed. As a privateer in peacetime, Captain Sparrow had little responsibility. Aside from the occasional merchant run or spy mission to scout out potential enemy fleets, he could do as he liked. Some privateers were tempted to return to piracy. Jack had profitted handsomely from his privateering work, as well as his pirating from before, and was therefore wealthy. He didn't require to steal to fill his belly anymore, and voyaged freely on the sea he loved.


Sarah reclined in the copper tub Jack had filled for her, wallowing in decadence. Hot water covered nearly her entire body, and bubbles, enough even to please her. Lilac scented bubbles. The slightest shift of her body brought the scent wafting to her. Her hair was piled atop her head and she lay with her head tipped back over the tub's edge in a loose limbed sprawl. It was not often while sailing that she was able to indulge in feminine comforts like a hot bath, and Sarah was determined to enjoy it to the hilt.

Jack watched her from his seat at the table. Comfortably dressed in only breeches and shirt, booted ankles crossed, long hair tumbling unencumbered by any scarf around his shoulders. His gaze wandered from her enraptured expression to the mound of bubbles covering her from full view. But he knew the dimensions of that tub, knew her knees were sticking up just there, and for a moment imagined stroking them, so that she jerked away and giggled in that charmingly little girl way she had. Knew also her breasts were just there, imagined them soft and warm. Imagined also stroking them until her nipples crinkled and he could make them tight and hard and begging for his mouth.

Jack enjoyed the low pulse of want, not urgent yet, just a throb of warmth. Sarah sighed, and arched, stretching her supple back. The nipples he'd just been envisioning poked through the bubbles to tempt him. Low and throaty, she called him. "I'm ready now Jack."

Took another sip of rum from his cup, "Are you now?" Rose and sauntered towards her, pausing to grab a washcloth and a bar of soap, also lavender scented. Lathered it onto the washcloth, and knelt just behind her head, reaching over her shoulders to touch her warm willing body. Swept his fingers along the arch of her throat, from her chin to the little hollow.

Began with her arms, lathering every inch from shoulders to fingertips. Sarah watched in a kind of rapt fascination as he dunked the cloth and rinsed it, then wiped the soap from her skin. Jack paused, grinned though she couldn't see it, and dropped the cloth into the water, choosing now to lather his hands. Her breath caught in her throat as he extended his arms and began washing her chest. Brushed his palms over her nipples and felt them rise instantly, imagined for a moment the way they felt under his tongue. His hands swept in slow circles, then dipped below the waterline to caress her stomach and sides.

Sarah's eyes were closed, she gripped the sides of the tub. Jack's arousal rose a bit more. Slowly, slowly, he reminded himself. Makes it so much better when we slowly tantalize and hold it off until we just can't anymore. His hands came back up and gripped her breasts for a moment. Lightly he nipped the side of her neck, nuzzled her ear. Then as nonchalantly as he could, he cupped water and sluiced it over her, rinsing her.

Jack stood up and moved around to the foot of the tub. Sarah stared at him with wide eyes. He beckoned 'come on' to her until she lifted her feet and rested her toes on the edge. Lifting one leg, he cupped her heel in his palm and washed his way up her firm calf, over her shin, until he reached that sensitive knee. Swept his fingertips behind it, delicately, surging at the low soft noise she made. He repeated it on her other leg. Sarah lifted one foot and pressed her toes directly into his crotch.

A slow grin spread across his face, full of all kinds of innuendo. Moved away from her to the side of the tub and knelt down. He slid one hand along her knee, down into the water, walking his fingers nimbly up her inner thigh. Caressed her lovingly. Then, teasingly, he groped along the bottom of the tub right where her buttocks perched, searching for the washcloth and wringing breathy groans from her. Jack brought it up between her legs and cupped her mound with the cloth. Sarah quivered. Jack rubbed slowly, sensually, leaning closer to kiss her now.

Her body felt hot and tingly. Where Jack was rubbing her throbbed and ached, she shifted closer to him, moaning greedily into his lips. The cloth was rough on her skin, Jack was being gentle but she wanted the friction, wanted hard firm strokes that drowned her in pleasurable sensation. He was teasing her, tongue pushing and rolling over hers but his hand moved slow, too slow! in relentless up and down movements, prickling her tender sex, making her want to scream and beg. She reached blindly over the side of the tub, fumbled for Jack's waist, and found his breeches laces.

Untying them with the practice of long experience, Sarah loosened them enough to reach inside, and curled her palm around his stiff cock. Now she could tease him too, and maybe his urgency would make him hurry up and get to pleasuring her more fully. As she rubbed her fingertips over the exquisitely sensitive tip, a moan broke from Jack and he yanked his mouth up.

"You drive me insane darling," he murmured urgently. "How do you do it? I can't get enough of you, every time we have each other I just want more, and more, always. Want to bury myself so deep you can taste me. Want to lick you until you're exhausted, have you suck me till I spend out your ears." He dropped the cloth and his bare hand came curling between her legs.

Ahhh, that was so good, and the tip of one finger entered her. Sarah arched her hips close, driving herself deeper onto him, her hand pumping his shaft in quick tight strokes. Another finger entered her and both curled expertly on her silken walls, seeking her sweet spot. He rubbed it relentlessly and Sarah began to chant in his ear. "Ooooh yeah, mmmm yeah Jack, ohhh Jack!"

She tensed, and spasmed, and clenched in waves of moisture. "Ooooh Jack, yeah, ohhhh rub it harder. Harder!"

Jack's face was slick with sweat. "My prick can rub it, as hard as you like."

It took her a moment to hear him, through the waves crashing over her. Then, greedily, "Oooh yes Jack. I want it!"

He backed up and stood, she rose out of the tub. Jack feasted his eyes on her, body rosy from the hot water and his ministrations, glowing. A drop slid down her breast, clung to the nipple before dropping into the tub, reluctantly. Jack didn't blame it, he'd not want to let go either. One sable eyebrow arched. "Get me a towel Jack."

"No." He reached for her head, scattering her hairpins and spilling her luxuriant hair down her shoulders. "Such a gorgeous, glistening mermaid you are."

Jack hastily pulled his shirt off, tossed it behind him. Sarah watched him with a lazy grin. His trousers were next, but in his haste he'd neglected to remove his boots first, so that he hopped absurdly on one foot, trousers pooled around his shins, while he struggled to remove his footwear. "You can just put them right back on again, Jack."

With a few moments he stood bare before her, clad only in his boots. His long taut cock curved up towards his abdomen, throbbing with every breath. Sarah's eyes lingered on it. She wanted to kneel and worship him, take that quivering organ in her mouth and really make him groan. Jack put out a hand and steadied her as she stepped out of the tub. "On your hands and knees love," he demanded in a low growl.

Immediately she dropped, tilting her tush at him in blatant invitation. Jack groaned harshly, dropped to his knees behind her and grabbed her hips, ground into her. Entered her in a hard movement that rocked her forward. Sarah cried out and shoved back against him. But he wanted to be dominant now, wanted to command and control. He grasped her shoulders so she couldn't move and rocked inside her. Barely pulled out before he penetrated again, as deeply as he wanted.

"Can't get enough of you! Sweet little pussy...I want to get it, push it, over and over and over again, and again!" Dear God, it was so good, so satisfying, that wet tight grip of her. Jack panted harshly as he thrust in short hard jabs; hearing Sarah scream and purr and scream again, like a cat, that was his name she was yelling, it was his cock, HIS cock making her squeeze and massage and oh, those wet explosions of her pleasure; he was undone, he couldn't take anymore. He threw his head back and cried out repeatedly as he poured himself into her.

Sat back on his haunches, breathing in huge gasps. Sweat covered his face and chest, he felt good all over. Glancing at the bathtub, "That water is probably still warm. Think I'll rinse off."

Sarah stood up slowly. "Let me get you some fresh water Jack, I've been soaking in that, it isn't clean."

Jack scoffed as he once again kicked off his boots and climbed into the copper tub. "Nonsense, no water that touches you is unclean. I'd happily drink your bathwater, bit o'Sarah." He grinned lewdly at her.

There were still a bit of bubbles floating on the surface. Jack scooped them up and arranged them whimsically on his chest as Sarah gathered up their clothes. He posed artfully just as she turned around. "Am I a glistening mermaid as well, love?"

Whatever she planned on saying back to him after her fit of laughter was lost in the urgent pounding on the cabin door. Snaky Jake's voice shouted urgently. "Sail ho Captain! Tis the EITC!"

Chapters 7-9

Date: 2008-11-08 12:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Can you say 'keelhaul?'" Jack asked in a dangerous growl. "Probably not, with your tongue down her throat like that." His evil smile widened. "Let's try something more your speed. 'Eunich.' Can you say that?"

My favorite Jack lines of ALL TIME! LMAO! Brilliant!

Date: 2008-11-08 01:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*squees* I swear, I must've been inspired by Johnny himself to write that line! I love it. Also, I love Willy calmly telling his brother that he is pretty like Uncle Jack.

Thanks for commmenting darlin'!


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