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I see stuff like this floating all over the place, usually involving a list of "favorites." Well, since I don't have too many favorites, I started thinking about "bests" and what I considered very memorable moments from books and movies. I wanted to make my own "meme." Feel free to yank this and see if it spreads!

Best novel you've ever read:
Lord of Light, by Roger Zelanzy. Hiduism, Buddhism, epic battles, Great-Souled Sam. Run to a bookstore and get this book.

Best fanfiction you've ever read:
Pirates, Chocolat, and Rock and Roll. You've got a band called Black Pearl, with Jack Sparrow for a lead singer, Will Turner for a guitarist, Roux for a piano player and Gonzo for a drummer. You've also got a Rolling Stone reporter named Elyse, and you've got magic. This story can ONLY be found on a site called Depp Impact, IF you become a member AND you get access to the NC17 site. It hasn't even been fully written/posted yet and has been in progress for maybe four years. Yet even if it takes her another fifteen years to finish it, I will be right there to read it.

Best death scene in a movie:
Vizzini, Princess Bride. It's the sudden silence after the manic hahahahaing that really does it for me.

Best fight scene in a movie:
It's tied between Jack and Will's smithy fight in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl and Jack and Davy Jones on the mast in Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End.

Best chase scene in a movie:
E.T. when the kids bring the alien to his ship. Kids on bikes PWNing government jerks in cars....yesssss.

Best movie kiss:
Luc and Kate in French Kiss. She's half awake from a dream of her rotten former fiance and he's in the middle of scamming her, but it's so obviously a moment of "lightning striking him." Beautiful.

Worst movie ending:
The Man Who Cried. This whole movie sucked for me, except the parts where Johnny Depp could be seen. The cinematography was spectacular, and the plot was actually really really good. However, the character interaction was so awkward I kept cringing. Depp's love scene with Ricci was difficult for me to watch. This man can have chemistry with a rock - see Pirates 2, Locker Scene - but I kept wanting to tell him to stop it. And the ending itself, is of a girl who sings terribly and dream of a singing career, leaving the greatest love of her life to find her father, who is dying. WTF? She cannot sing, people. She's awful. And it's her dream to sing? She's going to fail. And her father is about to die. And she's left love behind. Bad ending? Catastrophic ending!

Worst book you've read:
It's a short story actually, called "It's a Good Life!" by Jerome (Jeremy?) Bixby. It's extremely well written, but it's so...hopeless. These people are in hell, there's no possible way they can stop Anthony, and even after he finally grows old and dies, they will still be stuck, because he's permanently fucked up the world. I keep wanting to write a sequel to somehow fix it. Give Anthony a weakness somehow, so at least there's some chance at regaining a decent life!

Tearjerker movie you'd watch again:
Finding Neverland. From Kate Winslett's brilliant performance of a dignified, saddened woman to Barrie's passion for writing, to those boys...Peter tearing up his journal, the cost of the play itself to everyone's personal lives, the grandmother clapping....*sobs and flings herself at DVD player to watch it again*

Tearjerker book you'd read again:
Zoya's Story. It's about an Afghanistan woman who, self-exiled from her country for her own protection, is a revolutionary to save her country from the harsh rule of the Taliban. It's non-fiction when usually I adore fiction, but it opened my eyes to so many things and made me see that what I was enduring in life is so much smaller, compared to what others have willingly given up so that an entire race might succeed.

Whew! I typed such long explanations. *g* Let me know what you think, and please let me know if you are gakking this idea in your own journal, I'd like to read!


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