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You know....I just clicked on a drabble fanfic link by an author I know I can't stand, just to see what the fandom has been doing lately.

This is Pirates of the Caribbean I'm talking about. The "fic" was prose so purple it looked like a zit, a horrible mishmash of run on sentences with no clear subject and no clear object, either. The comment it has so far is someone congratulating this author on educating us all on how "real" love works. Dear God, help us all! I could have sworn love was relative! *shakes head sadly*

I'm scared for this fandom. There's a fourth movie coming out really soon and not only is no one eagerly discussing it, many are pretending it doesn't exist and openly saying that they won't see it. Ever. The only reasons I can discern for this boycotting of the franchise is that Elizabeth isn't in it. Or Will. Now...I really do like Elizabeth and Will. I do. And I can't completely agree that their story is finished as TPTB state, but when the actors who play them don't want to continue to be involved then you either write a script without them, or you cast different people. No one is really happy with either scenario, though I personally would pick option A thanks.

Honestly, from what I've been able to find out, this next movie looks really exciting! The characters cannot live in a bubble never experiencing change or new people. That's incredibly dull and if it was done like that the fandom really WOULD die. Of course, I hope it doesn't go the route of The X-Files or Star Wars and become a cash cow. That would be dreadful, and sad. No jumping the shark please. But until we see the finished product, we cannot tell, can we? No. But Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush are reprising their roles as Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa!! These characters are interesting! They have a lot of draw! And did I mention JOHNNY DEPP is in it? He's freaking fantastic. I'll generally go see a movie with him in it, on the strength of his name alone. Sometimes they're bad (See Nick of Time) but often they are good!

Come on people. What's the problem with On Stranger Tides?
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