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Author: Soleil Compeau
Title: A Torn Man
Summary: Jack Sparrow wakes from a nightmare and finds comfort.
Prompt used: torn notes
Type: Fanfiction - Pirates of the Carribean
Notes: This is based on a fanfiction I wrote about Jack Sparrow from POTC, set a few months after the third movie. I created a feale match for him and had them fall in love. This vignette is set many years after they married, two of their children are grown and one is a teen. Rating is R for some sexuality and violence.
Critique Request: Yes please, gentle and constructive!



Torn )
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Title: Hungry 
Author: Soleil Compeau
Fandom: Pirates of the Carribean
Pairing/Characters: Jack
Spoilers: Pre-CotBP, post branding
Rating: PG

He enjoyed integrity, social acceptance, daily wages for hard work. Then pity overcame caution and he freed them. The priveleges of square meals and a full belly vanished in one wrathful burn. 
Now he was outlaw. Pariah. Pirate. And hungry. Every marketplace in every town threw rocks, beat him. One  vendor tried to cut his hand off. 
His belly rumbled, grew to sharp pain, then went numb. Desperate, he became stealthy. Walked quietly, looked over his shoulder often. Snatched, ran to a dark alley, crammed sustenance into his mouth. 
Bread had never tasted so sweet, nor shame so bitter.
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Title: Ticklish Persuation
Author: Soleil Compeau
Fandom: Pirates of the Carribean
Pairing, Characters: Jack/Will
Ratiing: um...R maybe?
Summary: Will uses the best methods to convince his captain of his grand idea

Ticklish? )

Title: Truth Revealed
Author: Soleil Compeau
Fandom: Pirates of the Carribean
Pairing, Characters: Jack and Will
Rating: PG
Summary: Will learns what really happened between Lizze and Jack
A/N: Set during AWE, jsut after they sail from the Locker but before flipping the Pearl.


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