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You know....I just clicked on a drabble fanfic link by an author I know I can't stand, just to see what the fandom has been doing lately.

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Now that I've made a dent in the writer's block that was stopping me from posting here, the dam is beginning to break. So here's my "all about me" entry, or at least all that I'm comfortable revealing online! I have been Soleil since I was fourteen years old, and in the cyber world I keep it not matter where I am. At times I am SoleilDwarf, SoleilPirate, or DarkSoleil. It means sunshine in French, and it's pronunced So-Lay. 

I am thirty two, and have three sons and one daughter. I also have tremendous amounts of energy and am most comfortable doing several things at once. Things that get my attention the most quickly are good music, intelligent conversation about the nature of the world, good food, good movies. I have a tendency to get "obsessed" or as I like to call it, "admirably focused" on certain fandoms. Oh yeah, I like science fantasy/fiction. A lot. A whole crazy lot. Pretty much in chronological order, these are my obsessions: Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Files, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean. 

My current focus is PotC, though I still like all the other things as well. And I will ALWAYS be a Johnny Depp fan. I'm convinced that man could do anything in the universe he wants. Anything. Top five celebrities I would listen to read a phone book, or a dictionary, in no particular order: Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, Sean Connery, Geoffrey Rush.

I'm thinking about putting my  fanfiction here. Oh yeah, I'm a writer. Unfortunately not a published one, at least not where it counts monetarily. Someday.....but in the meantime, I practice with fanfiction. I have written for the X-Files, and now for PotC. Also did one Red Shoe Diaries fic, and will probably do a Man Who Cried fic. That's a Johnny Depp film ,if you're wondering. So I will start putting it up, but slowly, cause there's a lot. Also, at that point I will have to make it friends only, cause a lot of it is NC17. 

Have i mentioned I love puns, btw? I do. I polish them till they're shiny, and squee over them.


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