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Title: The List of Love
Author: Soleil Compeau
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Rating: We'll say R for now, and see how it goes
Chaacters/Pairings: Jack/OFC, mentions of previous, various Jack/OFCs, implied Jack/Elizabeth UST
Summary: Sarah asks Jack about his past women. Jack answers her.

For[info]mary684 , because it's her birthday.



Her confinement is making her restless. There are so many things she cannot do easily at all, being first so short and secondly so heavy. So Jack takes it upon himself to entertain her, and well qualified is he, if he says so himself.

One evening, they lay together, spent after a very pleasurable session of tender lovemaking. It's different than anything Jack's ever done, and so wonderful in it's originality; great care is taken not to harm the child as well as great care taken to please the mother, who is weary of her burden. She lays cradled in his lap as he half reclines in bed, arms around her and slim hands spanning the baby they have made together.

In joy and wonder Jack Sparrow traces the sturdy outlines of what he hopes, what he feels sure, is a son. The babe kicks back, twists and turns, wreathing his father's face with a grin. Sarah stirs and speaks.

"Tell me a story, Jack."

"And what kind of story would you be wanting?" Absently he feels the thrum, of foot or a fist he's unsure, 'neath his fingertips.

"Tell me about others you've loved."

He goes quiet, arching one brow. When women talk this way there can be only one answer, and Jack gives it easily. "I love no one like I love you, my sweet Sarah."

"Ahh Jack. I am not a jealous shrew! You know of the man I loved before you, my sweet, fickle David. You are older than me, and besides that I know you've seen and done so much more. Tell me a story of romance and loss and adventure. Tell me a pirate story, I love your tales."

Jack frowns just a little. She has every right to know. As his wife, as one who carries his seed, he ought to tell her. But it's a story he's never told anyone, not even Gibbs. The remembering of it will be painful.

It was another life.

"I'll tell you how I acquired these bits of lace, shall I?" He waved his hands to bring her attention to the scraps of lace round his wrists. One black, and the other white, not tattered nor filthy but knotted with care so he would not lose them. "Tell you truly, this one belongs to me dearly departed mum." He touched the black one. "She gave it to me when I left Shipwreck Cove to sail for the EITC."

They brooded a moment, both of them recalling the results of that manner of employment. Jack cleared his throat right about the time Sarah opened her mouth to ask a question. "I'll tell you about the other piece later. There's a fair bit of story to come first, savvy?" Taking a deep breath, he plunged into his tale.

"Once there was a boy named John, usually called Jack. The boy was raised by his mother, near the sea, and his father was a stranger who came at times to visit, and speak in slow sweet tones to his mother, which made her smile and weep for love when he'd gone again. When this Jackie boy, as Teague the father called him, came to manhood, he brought him and his mother to a city of ships and had more of the raising of him.

"Shipwreck Town, as the ship city was called, lay in Shipweck Cove, and a more wondrous place Jackie could not imagine. It was big, and strange, and every place in it he could hear the sound of the ocean. The first friend this boy turning man made there, was a sweet young lass by the name of Mary Johnson." Here Jack stopped and smiled in memory. Sarah twisted halfway round awkwardly and gazed up at him.

"Mary was blond and blue eyed and buxom as they come. Wasn't too long before Jackie saw the stars in those pretty forget-me-not eyes, and believed the sun rose and set on her golden head. And as usual with young people who fancy themselves the discoverers of wonders never afore experienced, something else rose and set at sight of her. Mary was willing, and many hours were spent in exploration and learning." He hugged his large wife close and added softly, "I suppose it was much the same for you and your lad, eh?"

Jack carried on. "Inevitably, they lay together. And it was exciting, and explosive, and as pleasurable as they could imagine, at least for Jackie it was." He blushed and squirmed. "And it was also brief, explaining why the experience was not quite perfect for Mary. However, Jackie was gallant and in love, so he did his best to make things up to his darling."

Suddenly he switched perspective. "Explains why I've such a taste for tasting you, though, don't it? From the first lick I had, I couldn't get enough of the salt, of the cries, and the squirming." Sarah was caressing his thigh, he caught her wrist in a firm grip and kissed her forehead. "Don't interrupt the story, bit o'Sarah."

"And so what happened?" she questioned in a low voice. "How long were the young ones deliriously happy together?"

Jack shrugged with one shoulder. "Ah well. I'm supposing the briefness put her off. Something did anyway, though we experimented a few more times, she drifted more and more to other likely lads. And an older woman in town took me in hand and taught me much about a female's most needy workings. And I was an ardent pupil."

"I'll just bet you were!"

Ignoring this, "Life was an adventure for the rapidly maturing Jackie. There was no lack of female comaionship, and he gave it little thought. There were serious considerations for the lad, such as how he'd earn his bread and drink for his life. A woman was secondary to answering that first, savvy?"

to be continued...


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